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INVITATION to contribute to the organisation of the FERA Conference in Oulu (24.-25.11.2022) “Multivocality in the Changing World of Education”

You are welcome to organise a thematic group, symposium, workshop, or other session in the FERA Conference from November 24 to 25, 2022. You also have an opportunity to organise a pre-seminar on November 23. These sessions provide you a possibility to present your research, create networks and acquire new stimuli.

With the theme of this year’s FERA Conference on Education, we wish to spark a debate on how multivocality is understood, how it manifests, and how it can be made visible. We will also discuss the responsibilities of communities and individuals and which mechanisms help to identify, support and promote multiple voices at both the individual and community levels.

We are looking forward to proposals for research-related thematic groups and sessions connected with the theme of the conference. You can suggest:

  • A thematic group presenting empirical studies and discussing the methodological, theoretical, and content-related issues related to a particular subject area.

  • A symposium focusing more profoundly and exclusively than a thematic group on a specific scientific topic area or methodology.

  • A workshop discussing the methodological, theoretical or content issues in a particular subject area.

  • A pre-seminar bringing perspectives related to the conference theme to the awareness of a broader, non-scientific audience, or providing training or events for doctoral researchers.

  • In addition, you can also suggest another type of session and/or approve your session abstracts for presentation in the poster session. An extended time slot for the poster session has been reserved at lunch time on Thursday.

As a session organiser, you decide how the session is implemented. We are hoping for motivating and activating approaches, so every participant can deepen their understanding, get new ideas for their work, and find new research partners. We are thus encouraging you to conduct (inter)active sessions where young and more experienced researchers can connect. The language for these meetings can be Finnish, Swedish, Sami or English.

The suggestions for thematic groups, symposia, workshops and pre-seminars shall be submitted via Webropol form:

On behalf of the organising committee of the FERA Conference,

Kati Mäkitalo

Professor, Chairman of the Organising Committee

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